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CJEU judgment on national authorities and air passengers’ rights - CJEU Press Release in Joined Cases C-145/15 and C-146/15 K. Ruijssenaars, A. Jansen and J.H. Dees-Erf v Staatssecretaris van Infrastructuur en Milieu 17-03-2016
EU-US “Privacy Shield”: MEPs to examine new deal on transatlantic data transfers - LIBE Press Release 17-03-2016
Advocate General Szpunar opines on liability for copyright infringement over Wi-Fi networks – CJEU Press Release in Case C-484/14 Tobias Mc Fadden v Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH 16-03-2016
EDPS Case Law Overview 1 December 2014 - 31 December 2015 - EDPS Working Document 16-03-2016
Services Directive: "European Commission must be bolder" say EU Auditors - ECA Press Release 14-03-2016
TTIP and CETA talks: re-watch follow-up debates in EP Trade Committee - INTA Press Release 14-03-2016
JHA Council 10 to 11-03-2016 including Digital Agenda - JHA meeting page
Free circulation of public documents: cutting red tape for citizens - EU Council Press Release 10-03-2016
CJEU annuls Commission decisions relating to requests for information - CJEU Press Release in Cases C-247/14 P HeidelbergCement v Commission and others 10-03-2016
MEPs back agreement among EU institutions to upgrade and clarify EU law-making - European Parliament Plenary Press Release 09-03-2016
Vice-President Katainen on A roadmap for European growth at the Atlantic Council, Washington DC - European Commission Speech 2-03-2016
CJEU judgment on removing online advertisements - CJEU Press Release in Case C-179/15 Daimler AG v Együd Garage Gépjárműjavító és Értékesítő Kft 3-03-2016
EDPS Buttarelli on Living in a future Big Data world: can prosperity, freedom and fundamental rights be reconciled? - Keynote Address to the Delphi Economic Forum 27-02-2016
Solving disputes online: New platform for consumers and traders - European Commission Press Release 15-02-2016
Lange on TTIP: “If there is no ambitious deal on the table, there is no deal” - European Parliament Article 4-02-2016
CJEU judgment on precluding the imposition of penalties for unauthorised cross-border intermediation of sporting bets – CJEU Press Release in Case C-336/14 Sebat Ince 4-02-2016
EU Commission and US agree on new framework for transatlantic data flows: EU-US Privacy Shield - European Commission Press Release, Justice Commissioner Speaking Points and Commission Vice-President Speaking Points 2-02-2016
Commissioner Jourová on Safe Harbour negotiations’ state of play - European Commission Speech 1-02-2016
European Commission Takes Action to Open Up International Procurement Markets - European Commission Press Release 29-01-2016
Trade secrets: protecting creation and innovation in Europe - European Parliament Article 28-01-2016
Trade secrets: EP/Council deal backed by Legal Affairs Committee - JURI Press Release 28-01-2016
Vice-President Ansip and Commissioner Jourová on Building on modern and unified rules to strengthen fundamental rights and create a Digital Single Market on the occasion of 2016 Data Protection day - European Commission Statement 28-01-2016
Strengthening the Single Market and Digital Single Market for companies, citizens and consumers - Presidency Video 28-01-2016
Smart Industry - Presidency Discussion Paper 27-01-2016
Single Market for Services - Presidency Discussion Paper and Infographic 27-01-2016
Geo-blocking - Presidency Discussion Paper and Infographic 27-01-2016
Collaborative Economy - Presidency Discussion Paper 27-01-2016
Virtual currencies: what are the risks and benefits? - European Parliament Article 26-01-2016
Dutch Presidency priorities discussed in committee - European Parliament Press Release 26-01-2016
Car emissions inquiry committee members and remit approved - European Parliament Press Release 21-01-2016
Stop geo-blocking and boost e-commerce and digital innovation, says Parliament - European Parliament Press Release 19-01-2016
CJEU judgment that EU and Member State competition law leniency programmes coexist autonomously – CJEU Press Release in Case C-428/14 DHL Express (Italy) S.r.l. and Others v Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato and Others 20-01-2016
First-ever EU-wide cyber-security rules backed by Internal Market Committee - IMCO Press Release 14-01-2016
Cyber security: “Without fair protection at European level, we will be in trouble” - Information Society Article 13-01-2016
The year ahead: what Parliament will be dealing with in 2016 - European Parliament Article 12-01-2016
Programme of the Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the European Union - Programme 5-01-2015
Video: this year's most memorable moments at the Parliament - European Parliament Article 29-12-2015
Scottish legislation introducing minimum price per unit of alcohol contrary to EU law if less restrictive tax measures can be introduced - CJEU Press Release 23-12-2015
Trade secrets protection: Luxembourg presidency seals deal with Parliament - EU Council Press Release 22-12-2015
Uber: Transport MEPs discuss transport networking companies - Transport Press Release 21-12-2015
Questions and Answers: data protection reform - European Commission Fact Sheet 21-12-2015
Trio Programme (January 2016 - June 2017) - Document 20-12-2015
EU data protection reform: Council confirms agreement with the European Parliament – EU Council Press Release 18-12-2015
Package Travel Directive Transposition Workshops announced - European Commission Event Page 16-12-2015
New Director-General for DG JUSTICE - European Commission Press Release 15-12-2015
The General Data Protection Regulation: Making the world a better place?: Buttarelli keynote speech - EDPS Press Release 15-12-2015
Insurance distribution rules adopted, bringing improved consumer protection Council Press Release 14-12-2015
State of the European Union Presidency edition - Document 14-12-2015
Presidency Trio (The Netherlands, Slovakia and Malta) Programme 2016 to mid-2017 - Programme 14-12-2015
Giving Europeans more choice in financial services: the European Commission consults - European Commission Press release 10-12-2015
Commission proposes modern digital contract rules to simplify and promote access to digital content and online sales across the EU - European Commission Press Release 9-12-2015
Digital Contracts for Europe: Question & Answers - European Commission Fact Sheet 9-12-2015
Commission takes first steps to broaden access to online content and outlines its vision to modernise EU copyright rules - European Commission Press Release 9-12-2015
Making EU copyright rules fit for the digital age: Questions & Answers - European Commission Fact Sheet 9-12-2015
Commission welcomes agreement to make EU online environment more secure - European Commission Press Release 8-12-2015
Court of Justice of the EU: Council adopts reform of General Court - Council Press Release 3-12-2015
The future of copyright reform in the EU - European Commission Speech 24-11-2015
EDPS encourages a new debate on Big Data - EDPS Press Release 19-11-2015
Easy as ABC: filing public documents in another EU country to be simplified - European Parliament Article 12-11-2015
Defining “extrajudicial documents” - CJEU Press Release 11-11-2015
Trade marks’ reform: Council adopts position at first reading - Council Press Release 10-11-2015
Q&A: Guidance on transatlantic data transfers following the Schrems ruling - European Commission Fact Sheet 6-11-2015
Mass surveillance: EU citizens' rights still in danger - European Parliament Press Release 29-10-2015
The protection of personal data: more than a European fundamental right, it is a right for everyone - European Commission Speech 29-10-2015
A further step towards comprehensive EU data protection: EDPS recommendations for the police and justice sectors - EDPS Press Release and Opinion 28-10-2015
European Commission adopts second annual Work Programme: Maintaining focus and delivering on 10 priorities - European Commission Press Release Questions and Answers and Presentation to the European Parliament and European Parliament Press Release 27-10-2015
New guidelines for a better use of EU money: Commission helping Member States with public procurement issues - European Commission Press Release 29-10-2015
Court of Justice of the European Union on time limits - Judgment in Case C-8/14 29-10-2015
A deeper and fairer Single Market: Commission boosts opportunities for citizens and business - European Commission Press Release 28-10-2015 and Fact Sheet
End in sight for mobile phone “roaming” fees and unequal internet access - European Parliament and European Commission Press Release 27-10-2015
MEPs adapt package travel rules to the digital age - European Parliament Press Release and European Commission Statement 27-10-2015
New report highlights crucial role of EU customs authorities in fighting against counterfeit goods – European Commission Press Release and Memo on EU customs action to tackle the infringement of intellectual property rights 27-10-2015
MEPs ask EU Commission to monitor investigations into car emission test fraud – European Parliament Press Release 27-10-2015
Commissioner Jourová's remarks on Safe Harbour Judgment before LIBE Committee - European Commission Speech 26-10-2015
Safe Harbor Briefing Safe Harbor Briefing: Q&A session with the EDPS - 23-10-2015
Free circulation of public documents: Council confirms the agreement found with European Parliament - EU Council Press Release 22-10-2015
Europe’s big data protection opportunity - EDPS Speech to Banking and Payments Federation 08-10-2015
A welcome step towards the reform of Data Protection rules - EDPS Press Release and Opinion 09-10-2015
Data protection for police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters: Council ready for talks with the European Parliament - EU Council Press Release 09-10-2015 and negotiating position
MEPs approve measures to ease cross-border recovery of small debts – European Parliament Press Release 07-10-2015
First Vice-President Timmermans and Commissioner Jourová on Safe Harbour following Court ruling - European Commission Statement 06-10-2015
CJEU declares the Commission’s US Safe Harbour Decision invalid - CJEU Press Release in Case C-362/14 Maximillian Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner 06-10-2015
Tax transparency: Commission welcomes agreement reached by Member States on the automatic exchange of information on tax rulings - European Commission Press Release 06-10-2015
CJEU members - CJEU Press Release 05-10-2015
CJEU judgment on applying data protection legislation to a foreign company - CJEU Press Release 01-10-2015
European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs to discuss, among other things, limitation periods for traffic accidents - JURI Report 10-2015
Call for Evidence: EU Regulatory Framework for Financial Services - European Commission Fact Sheet 30-09-2015
Have your say on geo-blocking and the role of platforms in the online economy - European Commission Press Release 24-09-2015
Justice for growth: Commission launches public consultation on resolving disputes out of court - European Commission Newsroom and Consultation page 18-09-2015
Have your say on Internet speed & quality: the European Commission launches a 360° review of telecoms rules - European Commission Access & Connectivity 11-09-2015
EDPS to set up an Ethics Board - EDPS Press Release 11-09-2015
Towards a new digital ethics Data, dignity and technology - EDPS Opinion 11-09-2015
EU General Court on assessment of the individual character of a design and freedom of the designer - Press Release 10-09-2015
Conference on Company Law in the Digital Age: Adapting company law and corporate governance to the digital world, Brussels, 02-10-2015 - European Commission Event Page
European Commission Consultation on cross-border parcel delivery - Consultation Page updated 29-07-2015
Opening a new Chapter for Data Protection - EDPS Press Release 27-07-2015
European Commission Actions grants call to support transnational projects on promoting the quality of the national justice systems - JUST/2015/JACC/AG/QUAL 07-2015
Commission works with European consumer authorities to better enforce consumer rights in the car rental sector – European Commission Press Release 13-07-2015
Circular economy: MEPs call for “systemic change” to address resource scarcity - European Parliament Article 09-07-2015
Copyright reform: promote cultural diversity and ensure access to it, say MEPs - European Parliament Article 09-07-2015
Report on 2014 infringements: Commission enforces correct implementation of EU law - European Commission Press Release 9-07-2015
CJEU on retaining pre-existing national
provisions - CJEU Press Release 09-07-2015
Copyright 2.0: why existing rules need an update to make them fit for the digital age - European Parliament Article 08-07-2015
End of roaming charges: Council confirms agreement with EP - Council Press Release 08-07-2015
TTIP: ease access to US market, protect EU standards, reform dispute settlement - European Parliament Press Release 08-07-2015
The General Court clarifies scope of condition requiring direct concern - General Court of the European Union Press Release 07-07-2015
European Commission seeks views on Europe's audiovisual media rules - Consultation Page 06-07-2015
Insurance distribution: Council and Parliament agree new rules - Council Press Release 30-07-2015
Commission calls for stricter enforcement of passenger rights legislation in Europe - European Commission Press Release 03-07-2015
Debate: should the freedom of panorama be introduced all over the EU? - European Parliament Article 02-07-2015
EU Data Protection Reform: a historic opportunity for Europe – European Data Protection Supervisor Press Release 02-07-2015
Commission welcomes deal to improve consumer protection for insurance products - European Commission Press Release 01-07-2015
A Union for the citizens Priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency 1 July to 31 December 2015 and website
Insurance distribution: Council and Parliament agree new rules - Latvian Presidency Media Release 30-06-2015
Progress achieved in the Council during Latvian Presidency - Latvian Presidency Media Release 30-06-2015
End of roaming charges: Latvian Presidency strikes a deal with EP - Latvian Presidency Media Release 30-06-2015
Cheaper mobile calls and open internet: MEPs and ministers strike informal deal - European Parliament Press Release 30-06-2015
Commission welcomes agreement to end roaming charges and to guarantee an open Internet – European Commission Press Release 30-06-2015
Roaming charges and open Internet: questions and answers - European Commission Fact Sheet 30-06-2015
TTIP: MEPs pave way for plenary vote by retabling June amendments - European Parliament Press Release 29-06-2015
Small claims procedure: Council and Parliament agree on new rules - Latvian Presidency Media Release 29-06-2015
Better Regulation: kick-off meeting on Interinstitutional Agreement - European Parliament Press Release 25-06-2015
Remarks by Commissioner Jourová after the launch of the Data protection regulation trilogue - European Commission Press Release 24-06-2015
Q&A on EU data protection reform - European Parliament Background Note 24-06-2015
Data protection: first round of talks to start Wednesday - European Parliament Press Release 24-06-2015
Small claims procedure: MEPs strike a deal with Council - European Parliament Press Release 23-06-2015
Digital Assembly participants: successful implementation of Digital Single Market Strategy to open new opportunities for EU economic development - Latvian Presidency Media Release 23-06-2015
European Commission launches infringement procedures against six Member States for lack of compliance with the Services Directive in the area of regulated professions - European Commission Press Release 18-06-2015
MEP Albrecht on data protection reform: People will be better informed - European Parliament Article 17-06-2015
Trade agreements: how to ensure they comply with EU data protection rules - European Parliament Article 18-06-2015
European Commission launches public consultation on corporate tax transparency - European Commission Press Release 17-06-2015
European Commission presents Action Plan for Fair and Efficient Corporate Taxation in the EU – European Commission Press Release 17-06-2015
EU copyright reform must balance rightholders’ and users’ interests, say MEPs - European Parliament Press Release 16-06-2015
Trade secrets: freedom of expression must be protected, say legal affairs MEPs - European Parliament Press Release 16-06-2015
Italian legislation requiring certification bodies to have their registered office in Italy
is contrary to EU law - Court of Justice of the European Union Press Release 16-06-2015
The General Court upholds the registration of the shape of Lego figures as a Community trade mark - General Court of the European Union Press Release 16-06-2015
Trade agreements and data flows - Speech by European Data Protection Supervisor Buttarelli 16-06-2015
Stronger data protection rules for Europe - European Commission Fact Sheet 15-06-2015
European Commission proposal on new data protection rules to boost EU Digital Single Market supported by Justice Ministers - European Commission Press release 15-06-2015
Data Protection: Council agrees on a general approach - Council Press Release 15-06-2015
Outcome of Justice and Home Affairs Council 15 to 16-06-2015: general approach on data protection, general approach on acceptance of public documents, recommendations on cross-border video conferencing and guidelines on implementing the e-Justice action plan
European Commission Public consultation on contract rules for online purchases of digital content and tangible goods - European Commission Consultation Page 12-06-2015
Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements: approval on behalf of the EU - Council Press Release 11-06-2015
CJEU rules on the scope of "civil or commercial matters" in the EU Regulation on service of documents - CJEU Press Release 11-06-2015
After ACTA: EU needs new tools to protect EU intellectual property rights - European Parliament Press Release 09-06-2015
CJEU clarifies the rules on consumer protection regarding the sale of
consumer goods and associated guarantees - CJEU Press Release 04-05-2015
DG Competition Best Practices on disclosure of information in data rooms and annex standard data room rules and standard non-disclosure agreement - European Commission Competition mergers page 02-06-2015
Ministers adopt conclusions on digital transformation of European industry - Latvian Presidency Media Release 28-05-2015
Guidance on the preparation of public versions of European Commission merger decisions - European Commission Competition mergers page 26-06-2015
Insolvency: throwing a lifeline to struggling companies - European Parliament Article 21-05-2015
Victims of an unlawful cartel may claim compensation for their loss before the
courts where one of the participants in the infringement is domiciled - CJEU Press Release 21-05-2015
A Strategy for the Digital Single Market in a nutshell including related links – European Commission 06-05-2015
Digital single market – committee chairs welcome proposal – European Parliament Press Release 06-05-2015
Payment services: Council and Parliament agree new rules – Latvian Presidency Media Release 06-05-2015
Antitrust: Commission launches e-commerce sector inquiry – Factsheet 06-05-2015
Antitrust: Commission launches e-commerce sector inquiry – Press Release 06-05-2015
A Digital Single Market for Europe: Commission sets out 16 initiatives to make it happen – Press Release 06-05-2015
Investor-state dispute settlement proposals debated with Commissioner Malmström – European Parliament Press Release 06-05-2015
Updating payment service rules: MEPs do deal with the Council – European Parliament Press Release 05-05-2015
From geo-blocking to cloud computing: Parliament’s guide to the digital age – Article 05-05-2015
Commissioner Hill welcomes agreement on the revised Payment Services Directive – Press Release 05-05-2015
Package holiday protection: MEPs strike a deal with Council – Press Release 05-05-2015
The General Court confirms that there exists a likelihood of confusion between the
figurative and word sign SKYPE and the word mark SKY - General Court of the European Union Press Release 05-05-2015
Nationality requirement for notaries: Commission takes Hungary to Court to ensure non-discrimination - Press Release 29-04-2015
Judgment in Case C-96/14 Jean-Claude Van Hove v CNP Assurances SA - Press Release 23-04-2015
Legal affairs MEPs back plans to facilitate recovery of small debts - European Parliament Press Release 16-04-2015
Commissioner Vestager Competition policy for the Digital Single Market: Focus on e-commerce - Speech 26-03-2015
Commissioner Vestager announces proposal for e-commerce sector inquiry - Commission Press Release 26-03-2015
European experts to discuss review of the EU copyright framework - Presidency Media Release 26-03-2015
Commissioner Bieńkowska on making the Single Market work for Europe's citizens and businesses - Speech 26-03-2015
Speaking points by Vice-President Ansip following College orientation debate on Digital Single Market - Commission Press Release 25-03-2015
Digital Single Market Strategy: European Commission agrees areas for action - Commission Press Release 25-03-2015
The interplay between Brussels I bis and the Hague Choice of Court Convention - Video by Professor Marta Pertegás, First Secretary, Hague Conference on Private International Law 23-03-2015
Competitiveness Council: A digital economy for smart, sustainable and inclusive EU growth - Presidency Media Release 19-03-2015
Workshop on Cross-border activities in the EU - Making life easier for citizens - European Parliament 26-02-2015
Concluding the EU Data Protection Reform is essential for the Digital Single Market - Commission Statement 28-01-2015
The Damages Directive: towards more effective enforcement of the EU competition rules - European Commission DG Competition Policy Brief 01-2015
Prime Minister to present Latvian Presidency priorities to the European Parliament - see live Broadcast 14-01-2015
Cutting red tape: Savings of up to €48 million thanks to new rules for cross-border judgments - Commission Press Release 9-01-2015
A new start: European Commission 2015 Work Programme - 16-12-2014
Main Results of Justice and Home Affairs Council - 4 and 5-12-2014
Justice Ministers agree on modern insolvency rules 4-12-2014 - see Commission Press Release and Council Press Release
Why the EU needs a Digital Single Market - Commission Speech 26-11-2014
EU Directive on antitrust damages actions adopted 10-11-2014 - see Commission Press Release and Council Press Release
European Council appoints the new Commission - Press Release 23-10-2014
Antitrust litigation – The way ahead - European Commission Vice President Almunia Speech 23-10-2014
Combating tax evasion: Council agrees to extend automatic exchange of information - Press Release 14-10-2014
Choice of Court Convention: EU businesses receive a major boost for international trade - European Commission Press Release 10-10-2014
Outcome of EU Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting - 9 and 10-10-2014
European Parliament hearing candidate European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality Vĕra Jourová - 01-10-2014
Public hearings of candidate European Commissioners: format and schedule - 18-09-2014
How a common sales law will boost growth and job creation - European Commission Speech 05-09-2014
Juncker unveils new European Commission - 10-09-2014
Council adopts electronic identification rules - PRESSE 402 23-07-2014
EU action protecting consumers in online games - European Commission IP/14/847 18-07-2014
Modern Insolvency Rules: European Commission kicks off EU-wide interconnection of insolvency registers - European Commission IP/14/774 07-07-2014
Strategic guidelines in the area of freedom, security and justice agreed by European Council 27 June 2014
New guidelines to help EU businesses use the Cloud - European Commission IP/14/743 26-06-2014
Taking consumer rights into the digital age: over 507 million citizens will benefit as of today - European Commission IP/14/655 13-06-2014
Modern insolvency rules: EU Ministers back Commission proposal - European Commission MEMO/14/397 06-06-2014
European Account Preservation Order adopted - European Commission MEMO/14/342 and Council IP/9602/14 13-05-2014
Commission welcomes Parliament vote to facilitate damages claims by victims of antitrust violations - European Commission IP/14/455 17-04-2014
European Parliament paves the way for cross-border debt recovery - Commission MEMO/14/307 15-04-2014

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The interplay between Brussels I bis and the Hague Choice of Court Convention

Professor Marta Pertegás, First Secretary, Hague Conference on Private International Law Watch video

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Gentlemen's agreements

Professor Avv. Luca Di Donna, European Private Law and Cooperation, University of Rome La Sapienza and Studio Legale Professor Avv. Guido Alpa Watch video part I and part II

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The necessity to take into consideration the national law applicable to contracts in spite of the increasing harmonization of contract law
Professor Giuditta Cordero-Moss, Department of Private Law, University of Oslo Watch video

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Implications of a 'Europe-Only Cloud'

Professor Christopher Millard, Professor of Privacy and Information Law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London and Head of the Cloud Legal Project Watch video

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The new European insolvency rules

Professor Bob Wessels, Legal Counsel and Advisor, Professor of International Insolvency Law, University of Leiden Watch video

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European Regulation on the freezing of bank accounts - key issues for practitioners and businesses

Sarah Garvey, PSL Counsel and Head Litigation Know How & Training, Allen & Overy LLP Watch video

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